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  Brief History of the College  

The college was initiated and established by Late Rev. Pastor Peter Pevi. (The founder of Calvin College of Education Service Ltd) in 1997. The school obtained approval to take off, at least with arts based courses from NNCE Abuja in the same year. However, due to lack of infrastructure and other logistics, the official take off was in the 2000/2001 academic session at its temporary site (the Calvin Foundation Sec. School) running an evening session. Although, it started with less than thirty (30) students, it operated under the schools of Arts and Social Sciences and Education.

Presently, the school of languages has been created and the College offers eleven (11) subjects with education combined into different courses. These include: CRS, Social Studies, Economics, Political Science, History, Primary Education Studies, Geography, English Language and Mathematics. Students enrolment has also increased to a greater number. Part of the College has now been moved to its permanent site located at KM4 along Naka/Aondoana Taraku Road.

For now that the College has not obtained its autonomy, it is affiliated to the Kogi State College of Education, Ankpa which moderates all the examinations written in the school and awards certificates to deserving graduates. It is also working towards the accreditation of more courses in addition to the ones offered.


The objectives of the College include:
a. Offering Courses leading to the award of Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) which on successful completion, candidates qualify as teachers at Primary Schools, Secondary Schools, Teachers Training Colleges etc.
b. To act as center for research into various areas of educational theory and practice
c. To organize from time to time in service courses for serving teachers
d. Any other objectives as may be decided upon by the council

The functions of the College include:
a. To stipulate the requisite conditions for the admission of students into the college
b. To provide courses of instruction in academic and professional subjects for the students of the College and for others
c. To set up departments and other units of learning and research in accordance with the objectives of the College
d. To create such offices and posts as may be required by the college to purpose goals and to appoint and remove persons from such offices or posts and prescribe their conditions of service
e. To provide physical facilities like; Library, Classroom blocks, Laboratories, Workshops and other facilities as the College may require for its purposes
f. To provide residential, recreational and welfare amenities for the members of the staff of the college.
g. To draw up rules for the discipline of the students of the college
h. To arrange for examinations and the award of certificates and other distinctions to persons who have successfully pursued courses of study and such other requirement prescribed by the college
i. To print or publish academic materials or undertake services as may be considered consistent with objectives of the College.

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